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Photo: Aero Showcase | DeLand 2022



The Aero Showcase at DeLand, FL 2023 is a highly anticipated annual event that highlights the latest developments and advancements in Sport, Recreational, and General Aviation. As organized by Aero Affinity Holding Corporation, a distinguished company that represents, commercializes, and provides services for some of the world's most notable international aircraft brands in the United States, the Showcase provides aviation enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to experience the excitement of flying.

Hosted at the DeLand Municipal Airport (KDED) in the City of DeLand, which is widely recognized for its rich and creative culture, featuring art venues, unique stores, international cuisine, night life, and live entertainment, the Showcase offers a perfect family fun weekend in the month of November, when the weather is ideal.

This year, the event will feature multiple credible exhibitors showcasing a wide range of aircraft, including ultralights, trikes, rotorcraft, powered parachutes, and paragliders, as well as engines, avionics, pilot gear, and flight schools. Attendees can participate in demo flights, interactive workshops, educational forums, keynote speeches, Showcase Flights, demonstrations, food concessions, music, pre-owned aircraft sales, and much more.


The Aero Showcase is a must-visit event that is designed to welcome aviation enthusiasts of all ages, especially those with an interest in the Fun Side of Flying.



At Aero Affinity Holding Corporation, we invest in a select and experienced team of professionals with vast aviation experience, including those with military backgrounds, business orientations, and skilled operations training, to provide customers with the best possible flight training, aircraft maintenance, consultancy, and support. We welcome you to join us at the Aero Showcase at DeLand, FL 2023, where you can explore the latest innovations and advances in aviation, and perhaps, purchase your very own aircraft.


DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase, 2018

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